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Red Pen Procurement is a premiere commercial purchasing agency of FF&E and materials that serves designers, architects, owners, operators and end-users. Our services include purchasing, receiving, inspection, warehousing, assembly, installation and trash removal. Red Pen is known for our streamlined communication, competitive pricing, and exceptional industry expertise.

Founded in 2015, Red Pen Procurement initially served as Banko Design’s in-house purchasing arm. This strong design-led heritage has allowed us to deftly navigate the complexities of commercial interior design. We will always advocate for the client to ensure their design vision is appropriately executed and delivered.

Red Pen Procurement makes the purchasing process efficient and seamless for designers and end-users alike. From the moment our clients hand us their specifications, we take full ownership of the project from ordering their exact specs at a fantastic price to receiving and warehousing to the installation of FF&E and decorative materials at its specified location. With Red Pen purchasing agents stationed in Marietta, GA, Minneapolis, MN, and San Mateo, CA, we’re able to work on projects across the country and at a regional level so that we can be “boots on the ground” wherever your project takes us.



Our team works tirelessly to leverage our buying power and get you the best price on your furniture package.


PLACE orders

Rather than picking apart your specs, our agents will order exactly what you’ve chosen as soon as we receive the order. 

track orders

Communication is our middle name. Once ordered, we will keep you in the loop as your order makes its way to our warehouse.

INventory Management

Typically, orders don’t all arrive at once, so we have an internal tracking system that ensures that all items are accounted for. 

receIve & warehouse

Our warehouse is connected to our office, so our team can receive and store all orders, while providing ample oversight.

inspect product

Once received, our warehouse team will unbox and inspect each item, ensuring all items are undamaged.


furniture assembly

Before your installation date, our warehouse team will assemble your product, as needed.


install PROJECTS

We have an expert install team AND a procurement agent sent to each of our installs to manage the process from start to finish.

trash removal

After the successful installation, our team will remove all trash from your property.




Travis snyder

Director of Strategic Accounts


Business Development Director

Laura Ann Wagerman

Procurement Agent


Procurement Agent


Procurement Agent

bruno castellanos

Procurement Agent

karen lasik

Procurement Agent


Procurement Agent

Jonathan rosario

Procurement Agent

Molly gilmartin

Procurement Agent

julia butler

Procurement Agent

chad benzow

Warehouse Manager

Karen clymer

Workroom Coordinator

Nanet jimenez

Warehouse Coordinator

Elmer perez

Warehouse Support


Do you have a project we can partner on?

Contact Travis Snyder at travis@redpenprocurement.com for more information on how we can meet your procurement needs.